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Baby Shower Craft Shoot!

I received a request from a reader to post some information about a group of photos that appear in my Editorial website gallery. These images were from a photo shoot that took place in the Meredith Corporation photo studios for Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Media. The subject was a lovely collection of make-it-yourself craft items to decorate a baby shower. While some of these photos appeared in the April 2012 issue of one of the BHG craft magazines, Scrapbooks Etc., and on the BHG.com website this spring, we actually shot this last fall.

This collection of baby shower crafts was created by craft designer (and Fiskars Scissors “Fiskateer”) Lisa Storms. The models pictured are a combination of semi-professional models based in the Des Moines, Iowa area (home of Meredith Corp’s Better Homes & Gardens magazine group) and staffers at the company. Make-up and hair were done by stylist Aurilla Goldsmith of Auriginal Designs. Set styling was by Tari Colby, and the shoot was art directed by Deb Berger. Here are some of those photos, and a few additional images that didn’t appear in the magazine or on the website. Enjoy!

Crafting Photographs

Over the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to do some photography for  Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications. This has been fun, partially because the subjects and genre of this work have been different than the editorial photography I’ve historically done. The subjects I’ve shot for BHG have primarily been craft projects, or collections of make-it-yourself home and party decor – subject matter a long step away from most of my prior work!

But, having come from a creative household (as a small child my parents ensured that I took art classes at the local community art center, making everything from clay sculptures to paper kites)  it has been fascinating to learn about how these items are made, and to photograph them to make them editorially and artistically compelling for the magazines, books, and websites on which they’ll be used.

This work has also been interesting because it has required me to pull together photographic skills I’ve mastered in other areas. Specifically, the images I’ve created for BHG have called upon macro photography skills and mastery of depth-of-field principals, a variety of studio and location lighting techniques, portrait techniques, and in some cases masterful post-processing.

Below are a few of the images and magazine covers I’ve produced for BHG recently. Note that there are two February covers for the Scrapbooking title – the publisher was conducting a test of newsstand sales using different cover concepts, and I was asked to produce both covers. I hope you enjoy browsing the small sampling of this work below –  it’s been much fun creating the images!








Baker’s Twine Cupcakes!



















I photographed these beautiful cupcakes (truly delectable despite primary ingredients consisting of styrofoam balls, adhesive, and baker’s twine) during a recent studio session to create a cover image for the April 2012 issue of a popular crafting magazine.

After completing an image styled for the magazine’s cover, my assistant and I plated the cupcakes on these vintage cake stands and set them in the sunny studio window. It was a lovely autumn morning, and the warm sunlight streaming through the window of the old studio storefront lent to the vintage styling of the set-up.

I photographed the image using a Nikon D3 and 200mm AF-D Micro-Nikkor lens mounted to a Kirk BH-1 ballhead on a Studio Titan camera stand. Shooting tethered via Nikon Camera Control Pro 2 directly into Lightroom allowed me to view the images large on a Dell studio monitor (my usual set-up for editorial and commercial studio work) to ensure I had exactly the image I wanted before moving to another composition. Post-processing in Photoshop, I added a texture layer and the rough frame edge to complete the vintage look.

Bon appetit!