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View from the Frog Bleachers

Recently, I visited one of my favorite “soul places,” a beautiful local park with a lovely natural pond area.  The pond is full of frogs of several varieties, including very large bullfrogs.  Located over part of the pond, are some covered, tiered benches on a platform – the platform is sort of a dock over the water, and the tiered benches are not unlike those in a (very) small sports stadium.

This location is an extremely peaceful place: there are few visitors most days, and the sounds are merely those of the water, of course the frogs, insects, and birds. It’s one of those places that is fabulous to reflect, to think, to be inspired by nature, or perhaps to share quiet time or even mark a special occasion with someone special.

Recently, I’ve been inspired to refer to the tiered benches at the pond as “The Frog Bleachers.”  Here’s a recent image created there, which I call simply “View from the Frog Bleachers.” Enjoy!