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Group portrait fun, revisited

So as usual, it’s been a while since I’ve posted to this blog. What a frantically busy season! While I logged in today to post on another subject, I immediately noticed my last post below, in which I posted some photos of my oldest daughter’s high-school homecoming group of friends from last autumn. This reminded me that I had just recently photographed my next-oldest daughter in a similar situation, with two of her “besties” prior to this fall’s homecoming dance. It’s her sophomore year of high-school, and she and a big group of friends gathered for dinner and to attend the Homecoming Dance as a large entourage.

So here she is with a couple of her closest buddies. We had a great time taking these photos, as I think you might be able to see when you view the gallery. I tend not to post many client galleries, but I am happy to post these (I’m the client I guess?) – I hope you like them.

And for the photographers reading, my gear has changed a bit since the last similar session I photographed a year ago. This time around, all of the photos were created in natural light, with a Fujifilm X-Pro1 camera and Fujinon XF 35mm f/1.4R lens. All at f/1.4, auto-ISO, in the Fuji RAF raw format, and processed in Lightroom 5.

Group portrait fun! Iowa portrait photographer

The past year has turned out to be immensely busy. As one can likely tell by my posting frequency (or infrequency, as it is probably more accurately described), I don’t tend to blog very frequently. This isn’t because I don’t enjoy it or don’t want to share my work. I simply have very little unscheduled time between back-to-back or even overlapping projects, and blogging falls by the wayside. I have recently told myself I need to do so more frequently, so I’m going to “catch up” by posting images I’ve meant to blog but just so far have not.

I mention this now, because while I frequently shoot portraits for both portraiture and editorial clients, I had a group portrait session last fall that was very special to me. My oldest daughter and a number of her very best friends asked me to photograph them as part of a school homecoming-dance event, and we had a great time. Ever since that evening, I have meant to post a few of the photos from the session.

So finally, with a short block of available time tonight and that particular shoot in mind, here are a few favorites from that session. Enjoy – and thanks for reading!

(Oh, and for the photographers reading, these were shot with a Nikon D800E SLR, the Nikon 50mm f/1.4G lens (which I tend to use as a “long wide-angle” on full-frame cameras), and a combination of natural light and subtle fill from an off-camera SB-800 speedlight triggered with an SC-28 remote cable).

Great fun at the Autumn Color Photography Workshops!

Canyon Road


Last weekend’s Autumn Color photography workshops at Ledges State Park were great fun, with a fantastic group of photographers on both days. Both Saturday and Sunday started with a bit of trepidation for a few photographers in each group, due to pouring rain as we assembled in the dark to prepare our gear.

For some, it was a first using camera raincoats, and I could see the fear in their eyes as they contemplated stepping out from under the park shelter, into the pouring rain, with thousands of dollars of camera gear. But when they saw the first images on their cameras’ preview screen, those fears subsided quickly! A few who knew their cameras and lenses were sealed even discarded the raincoats and simply toweled off their gear as the rain lightened to a drizzle.

Regardless, within an hour or so on both mornings, the rain cleared completely. And left behind by the storms were gorgeous dripping fall leaves, fabulous saturated colors, and the Ledges streams a little fuller than the day before. All in all…perfect days for these workshops!

My autumn color workshops are always among the highlights of the year for me, as fall subjects in the Midwest are some of my favorite subjects of all to photograph. The colors this fall have been magnificent, and the weekend served up for our workshops this week at “The Ledges” was glorious.

Here a few “behind the scenes” images of our workshop participants at work:

And some of the stellar autumn color photos created by workshop participants:

It’s always such a fine experience to work with photographers of all levels as they seek to improve their skills and learn new techniques. I learn so much from working with these diverse and creative groups of people. Thanks to both the Saturday and Sunday workshop participants for being such fun groups of individuals – I enjoyed working with you!

Des Moines Camera Club, October 2

In this crazy summer/fall season so far, I haven’t done a very good job of blogging info about events and happenings. One great event is coming up right away:

I’m pleased to be the invited guest speaker at the Des Moines Camera Club on Tuesday, October 2. I’ll present information about my workshop series, show a couple of new slideshows, and I’m confident we’ll have a great time!

The Des Moines Camera Club is a great group that I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to a time or two before. Members produce some fabulous work, as you can see here. If you’re in the area, join us!

Event details:

Tuesday, Oct 2, 7:00pm
Highland Park Presbyterian Church
321 Euclid Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa
(parking is West of the church at 4th & Euclid,
enter the North door, handicap accessible)