Blog revived!

As anyone can see from viewing my posting history here on this blog, I’m an infrequent blogger. I admit it. I really very much enjoy the process of blogging my many projects and travels, but I generally find myself to be juggling one or two too many projects at any given time. And though I nearly daily think of blog posts related to photos I’m creating or projects I’m shooting, when it gets to the end of the day there’s simply not much leftover time. So weeks or sometimes a couple months go by between posts.

In mid-2015, I somehow broke the database on my blog host’s server, and this blog was inaccessible for a stretch of months. Though I attempted to fix the issue myself (my inner nerd takes a pretty DIY approach to my website creation, maintenance, and resolution of tech issues), I could not find a fix. For months! Finally, a search of my web host’s tech-help website for relevant search phrases resulted in 393 hits for articles related to the issue. 393!!??  No way I could surf all of thoes to discern which was my issue.

So last week I gave up and phoned tech help, and after my many weeks of seeking a solution, the tech on the other end of the phone line took all of about 25 seconds to correct the issue. I literally barely finished describing the issue, and he responded, “there, I got it for you.” Wow. OK. Thank you!

So I’m excited to have the blog back in operation, and one of my 2016 goals is to post more frequently.

I’m also in the process of updating my primary website,, and consolidating several of my web assets (including this blog) that are scattered across 7-8 domains into a smaller number of sites. It will be very visually clear when I’ve done this (i.e., these changes involve an all-new format and drastically updated portfolios!). But I’ll promote it when that’s been accomplished, as well, rather than waiting for you to just stumble by again. That’s right, what I mean is, I’ll blog about it.

So please stop back again soon. I have some fun stuff in the works, including some past projects that were never shared that I think a lot of visitors to my sites will enjoy. I’m looking forward to sharing it.

Hope to see you soon – thanks for stopping by!

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